Coiled Tubing Has Set New Benchmarks for Multistage Fracturing in Poorly Consolidated Terrigenous Reservoirs

September 23, 2021

Sergey SIMAKOV, GPN-NTC LLC; Anatoly KICHIGIN, Packer Service LLC

Today, when most reservoirs have low productivity, the question of whether multistage hydraulic fracturing can be applied in wells with complex geology becomes very important. An outstanding example of multistage hydraulic fracturing using coiled tubing was a project in Messoyakha oil, gas and condensate field where multistage fracturing was successfully performed for stimulation of production of hard-to-recover heavy oil in poorly consolidated reservoirs at shallow depths and low temperature.

Currently, the oil industry development has to deal with the increasing volume of so-called hard-to-recover reserves, which were previously considered unprofitable. The experience gained in Messoyakha oil and gas condensate field is probably the most extensive in Russia in terms of testing various systems and completion strategies for horizontal wells with multistage fracturing operations in poorly consolidated sandstone reservoirs with viscous oil at shallow depths and low temperatures. Operations performed and lessons learnt can be used for simulation and evaluation of similar hard-to-recover reserves.

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Source: CTTimes