C-Type Overshot


C-Type Overshot

The WellEnTech C-Type Overshot is a fishing tool designed to engage slick OD fish. The cost effective design requires no flow or pressure to operate. It is a mechanically operated tool and is designed to provide a means of permanently engaging a fish enabling high pull loads and jarring forces to be applied directly to the stuck tool string or tubular to be retrieved from the well bore. Can be supplied with a thread down to suit a variety of guides e.g. plain end, cut lip or muleshoe etc.


  • Mechanically operated
  • High pull loads achievable
  • Simple to assemble, redress and operate
  • No redress required
  • Catching and pulling slick OD fish

The WellEnTech C-Type Overshot is a mechanically operated tool. It is easily assembled and requires no flow or pressure to operate. The fish is fed through the bottom end of the tool and through the slip, the slip expands into the housing as the fish moves up into the bore. The slip allows the fish to slide up into the tool bore and grips the fish if pulled against the taper in the housing. The gradually tapering bore produces a uniform load area on the fish OD reducing the likely hood of collapsing the fish as a result of high pull loads.

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