Gauge Carrier – Slickline Type


Gauge Carrier – Slickline Type

The WellEnTech Slickline Type Gauge Carrier is a wireline deployed sub which can accommodate up to two gauges for well bore sampling operations. The gauges are securely held in place with a central plug, along with top and bottom subs which sandwich the gauges within the housing. The main body of the tool has elongated slots milled along its length to enable free circulation of well fluids around the gauges.


  • Robust construction
  • Dual gauge carrier
  • Gauges held securely
  • Elongated slots to assist well fluid circulation
  • Multiple top and bottom sub configurations available
  • Easy to redress, remove and replace gauges
  • To carry out downhole surveys of reservoir Pressure and Temperature

The WellEnTech Slickline Type Gauge Carrier can be run in hole individually or as part of a wireline BHA. The gauges are made up to the central plug and inserted into the carrier housing. The top and Bottom subs are then made up, securing the gauges safely within the carrier.


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