Hydraulic Tubing End/Nipple Locator


Hydraulic Tubing End/Nipple Locator

The WellEnTech Hydraulic Tubing End/Nipple Locator provides a means of locating the end of a tubing string or nipples within a wellbore. The tool is activated by hydraulic pressure. Meaning the dogs are retracted while running in and out of hole thereby reducing drag forces and preventing the dogs from rubbing against the casing wall. The spring loaded Dogs provide a positive indication that the tubing end or nipple has been located.


  • Short, compact design
  • Adjustable indication load
  • Multiple use
  • Interchangeable dogs to suit range of sizes
  • Easily redressed
  • Nipple location
  • Tubing end location

The WellEnTech Hydraulic Tubing End/Nipple Locator is deployed as part of a tool string where a tubing nipple or tubing end needs to be located for depth correlation. The tool is run in hole in the collapsed position and is generally run past the assumed position of the nipple or tubing end. Flow through the tool is increased and the pressure generated by the Nozzle pushes the Piston and Mandrel upwards energising the Dogs. The tools string can then be manipulated upwards until an over pull is witnessed. At a predetermined over pull the dog will release from the Nipple or tubing end. Manipulation of the tubing both upwards and downwards will produce the same result, verifying the position of the nipple or tubing End. Once completed, flow is stopped and the dogs are retracted back into the tool.


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