IFR Pulling Tool


IFR Pulling Tool

The WellEnTech Internal Flow-Release (IFR) Pulling tool is a device for locating, engaging and pulling internal fishing neck profiles (Commonly referred to as GS profiles) or can be used to deploy tools and equipment down hole. The Grapple can be functioned either mechanically or hydraulically in order to engage the fishing neck and a strong spring ensures the grapple is fully supported when located within the fishing neck. Flow through the tool and a pull load disengages the tool from the profile.


  • Flow activated
  • Enclosed spring design
  • Multi-function operation
  • Fully adjustable activation pressure
  • Easily redressed
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Ported Grapple housing to prevent hydraulic lock up
  • Standard fishing operations
  • Heavy duty fishing operations
  • Jetting and pick up operations
  • Tool deployment

To mechanically function the tool, axial load (in excess of the spring force) enables the Grapple to automatically engage the fishing neck profile. Once inside the fishing neck the Spring pushes the Grapple back to the supported position on the Core and an over pull will verify engagement within the profile.

To release, fluid flow through a nozzle fitted to the nose of the Core creates an internal pressure which pumps the Grapple back to the de-supported position enabling the grapple to be pulled free from the profile. The pressure at which activation occurs is adjusted by simply changing out the nozzle orifice dia.


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