Variable Jetting Nozzle


Variable Jetting Nozzle

The WellEnTech Variable jetting nozzle is a ported sub which is run at the bottom of a tool string. It provides a means of directing high velocity fluid exactly where it is needed. The numerous port locations enable the user to select orifice size and location to enable numerous jetting operations, without need to use different tools for each run.


  • One piece design
  • Standard NPT ports
  • Multi-function operation
  • Fully adjustable jet orientation and size
  • Easily redressed
  • Standard Jetting operations
  • Clean out runs
  • Debris circulation
  • Nitrogen lifting
  • Spotting operations
  • Well Stimulation operations

The jetting nozzle is configured at surface. The operator decides, prior to running in hole, what flow area is required and in what orientation the nozzles need to be, e.g. up jetting, down jetting, side jetting or a combination. The ports which are not required are simply blanked off using standard NPT plugs. With the nozzles being NPT threads they can be readily fitted and replaced.


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