Abrasive Jetting Sub


Abrasive Jetting Sub

The WellEnTech Abrasive Jetting Subs and Heads are designed to be used for the deployment of abrasive, corrosive or stimulation fluids. They are designed to suit specific operational requirements and a variety of nozzle configurations are available. They can be deployed on jointed pipe or coiled tubing and can be used in conjunction with Downhole motors or indexing tools.


  • One piece design
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Tool Joint Connections
  • Suitable for all well environments
  • Bespoke designs available
  • Multiple port Abrasive Perforating
  • Cutting Tubulars
  • Acid Stimulation
  • Open Hole Stimulation
  • Gas Injection
  • Regular Jetting Operations

The Abrasive subs can be run as part of a tubing string or as part of a coiled tubing bottom hole assembly. The desired nozzle configuration is selected and fitted to the sub. Once at the required depth the fluid can be pumped through the carbide nozzles to produce multiple perforations. Alternatively when an abrasive jetting head is deployed below a motor fitted with the WellEnTech STS™ sealed bearing section, the BHA can be used to sever drill pipe or tubing. Single, dual or cemented casings can be cut in a single trip. The time taken to sever/perforate any given tubular depends on various factors such as the sub or head size, tubular size and weight. WellEnTech will provide an engineered solution as well as technical support to suit specific operational requirements.


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