Knuckle Joint – Full Rotation


Knuckle Joint – Full Rotation

The WellEnTech Knuckle Joint provides flexibility within a tool string while providing a large thru’ bore and pressure integrity. The Knuckle is designed to provide a full 360° rotation and an angular deflection along the tools axis of 15° (30° included).


  • Short, compact design
  • Large through bore
  • Full 360° rotation
  • 15° axial deflection (30° included)
  • Easily redressed
  • Jetting operations
  • Clean out runs
  • Debris circulation
  • Nitrogen lifting
  • Spotting operations
  • Well Stimulation operations

The Knuckle joint is ideal for operations where tight dog legs are encountered or flexibility is required in a tool string. The precision turned sphere provides a smooth, full rotation and a retained seal provides pressure integrity. It is made up to the tool string like any other cross over or connection.

Refer to data sheet DS-145a for Torque thru’ version.


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