Dimple-On Spoolable Connector


Dimple-On Spoolable Connector

The WellEnTech Dimple-On Spoolable Connector is a cost effective means of connecting two pieces of Coiled Tubing. The robust one piece design is furnished with standard O-rings, has a large through bore and is easy to make-up and remove from the Coiled Tubing. Available for all sizes of Coiled Tubing and taper strings.


  • One piece
  • Compact design
  • Dual seal
  • Torque compatible
  • Suitable for drop balls
  • Available for all coil sizes and materials
  • Designed for spooling Coiled Tubing onto a reel.

The Dimple-On Spoolable Connector is fitted to dressed Coiled Tubing using a Dimpling Jig*. The Coiled Tubing is deformed into the dimples producing an extremely strong and durable connection at both ends. The two O-rings, one primary and the other back up, provides peace of mind for high pressure applications. The Spoolable Connector when fitted to the Coiled Tubing should be pressure tested to ensure it has been fitted correctly prior to spooling onto the reel.

* Dimpling Jigs and CT Reamer Assemblies and are available from WellEnTech


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