Non-rotating Sleeve Stabilisers


Non-rotating Sleeve Stabilisers

The WellEnTech Non-rotating Sleeve Stabiliser provides centralisation for a tool string. The stabiliser blades are free to rotate in relation to the inner mandrel which prevents wear to the well bore caused by rotation. It has the additional bonus of protecting the tool string from wear while tripping in and out of hole.


  • Robust two piece mandrel design
  • Interchangeable sleeve sizes
  • Large through bore
  • Field redressable
  • Standard and heavy duty fishing operations
  • Jetting operations
  • Centralisation in milling, cutting and reaming operations
  • Provide a no-go for a tool string
  • Reverse circulation operations

The Non-rotating Sleeve Stabiliser consists of only three main components. The mandrel and bottom sub are threaded together with an interchangeable stabiliser sleeve which is free to rotate. A selection of sleeves with a range of OD’s can be supplied and are easily swapped out by removing the bottom sub.


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