External Slip Type Connector


External Slip Type Connector

The WellEnTech External Slip Type connector is a cost effective means of providing a connection at the end of a string of coiled tubing. The robust construction is furnished with standard O-rings, has a large through bore and is easy to attach and remove from the coiled tubing. Available for all sizes of coiled tubing, including taper strings, and can be supplied with any type of threaded connection, shackle hole or winch wire configuration.


  • Compact design
  • Dual seal
  • Torque compatible
  • Suitable for drop balls
  • Multi-function operation
  • Maximised through bore
  • Tool joint or service connection
  • Standard fishing operations
  • Heavy duty fishing operations
  • Drilling and milling operations
  • Jetting operations

The External Slip Type connector is fitted to dressed coiled tubing. The coiled tubing end should be smoothed off and polished with emery cloth. The bottom sub of the connector is rotated in order to compress the slip into the coiled tubing, a pull test* will confirm engagement and a final make-up of the bottom sub will ensure the connector has a firm hold of the tubing. There are two o-rings, one primary and the other back up, giving peace of mind for high pressure applications. The connector when fitted to the coiled tubing should also be pressure tested* to ensure it has been fitted correctly prior to running in hole. These connectors are suitable for all types of coiled tubing operations.

* Compatible Pull/Pressure test subs are also available from WellEnTech


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