ProPulse™ Jetting Nozzle


ProPulse™ Jetting Nozzle

The WellEnTech ProPulse™ Jetting Nozzle creates pulsating pressure waves. These pressure waves remove debris build up and scale within tubulars, break up near wellbore damage as well as restore and enhance the permeability of the perforations and surrounding wellbore area. The internal chamber has been designed using computational fluid dynamics and has no moving parts. The short robust construction makes it ideal for jetting operations where BHA lengths are limited. The Pulsating Jetting Nozzle is ideal for all operations since the kinetic energy of the pressure pulse travels through the wellbore fluid with negligible energy loss improving the fluid jet force. It is only after the pressure waves contact the formation that this energy is dissipated.


  • Short robust construction
  • No moving parts
  • Dynamic flow jet
  • Low maintenance design
  • Tubular jetting operations
  • Fishing neck clean outs
  • Sand screen cleaning
  • Debris circulation
  • Correct placement of treatment chemicals

The ProPulse™ Jetting Nozzle is fitted to the bottom of a BHA like any other regular jetting nozzle. It is made up to the tool sting with the correct amount of applied torque, as per the threaded connection on the tool. Pumping fluid through the tool will produce a fluid jet with pulsating pressure waves.


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