The WellEnTech SpiroJet™ is a dynamic jetting nozzle which produces a rotating jetting action without the need for externally rotating or moving parts. The fluid jet which exits the tool produces a rotating, conical jet which removes scale and debris more effectively than a standard jetting nozzle. The short robust construction makes it ideal for jetting operations where BHA lengths are limited. Since all moving parts are contained internally, The SpiroJet™ is ideal for operations where the tool may be subjected to tagging fill or side loading in deviated sections which may prevent a conventional rotating head from rotating.


  • Short robust construction
  • No external moving parts
  • Dynamic flow jet technology
  • Low maintenance design
  • Tubular and Wellbore jetting operations
  • Top of fish and profile clean outs
  • Sand screen and SSD cleaning

The SpiroJet™ is fitted to the bottom of a BHA like any other regular jetting nozzle. It is made up to the tool sting with the correct amount of applied torque, as per the threaded connection on the tool. Pumping fluid through the SpiroJet™ will produce the rotating flow pattern.


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