CDC™ Hydraulic Anchor


CDC™ Hydraulic Anchor

The WellEnTech CDC™ Hydraulic Anchor is used for various downhole operations where there is a requirement for anchoring a tool string centrally within a wellbore. It is a high expansion device and has an uninterrupted through bore. It can be deployed on either Jointed Pipe or on Coiled Tubing. The tool has three blades which provide stability during operation. The large internal piston ensures maximum load is applied to the blades throughout the operation and a powerful spring pulls the blades back into the body when flow is stopped. The unique blade design enables it to grip inside a range of diameters.


  • Short, compact design
  • High expansion, triple blade arrangement
  • Through bore
  • Blades and nozzles are easily removed and replaced
  • Reusable blades
  • Assembled/dis-assembled using standard hand tools
  • Field redressable
  • General Anchoring applications
  • As part of a Tubing severance operation
  • Abrasive perforating operations

The WellEnTech CDC™ Hydraulic Anchor is generally run above a motor during tubing cut operations but can also be run on Jointed Pipe or on Coiled Tubing operations where anchoring and centralisation is required. Flow down through the tool and out through the internal nozzle creates a pressure within the tool which acts against the piston. As the piston moves up within the tool, milled pockets which surround the blades push against them resulting in the blades pivoting about the hinge pins. When fully open, the blades are fully supported against a stop shoulder and wedge. When the operation is completed and flow is stopped, a spring within the tool returns the piston which simultaneously retracts the blades.


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