Washover Shoe


Washover Shoe

The WellEnTech Washover Shoes come in a wide variety of designs and configurations. The Mills are dressed with either Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Crushed Carbide Matrix, a combination of both or Diamond Impregnated matrix. Available as Flat Bottomed or a wave profile the Washover shoe can be supplied as one piece or with a drive sub. The Washover Shoes are suitable for milling a range of materials and WellEnTech have extensive experience of designing shoes and milling operations, providing the most suitable Washover Shoe for a particular application.


  • One or two piece Body
  • Various Diameters available
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts and/or Crushed Carbide
  • Other Matrix available on request
  • Flow ports for circulation
  • Box or Pin thread connections
  • General clean out operations
  • Ball Valve removal
  • Bore enlargement/clean out
  • Flapper check valve milling
  • Plug removal

The Washover Shoe can be run on either jointed pipe or below a Downhole Motor. Circulation ports permit pumped fluids to exit the Washover Shoe bore and, wall thickness permitting, external flutes allow cuttings to be circulated up past the tool OD. Dressing on the Washover Shoe gauge diameter ensures it remains central preventing damage to the casing.


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