Hydraulic Pipe Cutter


Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

The WellEnTech Hydraulic Pipe Cutter is a device for severing tubulars downhole. It can be deployed on either jointed pipe with a top drive or on coiled tubing below a PDM motor. The tool has three cutting knives which provide stability during operation, each of which is dressed with premium machine tool inserts which are designed to cut material cleanly and efficiently. The dual piston design ensures maximum load is applied to the blades throughout the operation. Interchangeable nozzles generate the required pressure to activate the cutter and are angled in such a way as to direct flow back up-towards the knives.


  • Short, robust design
  • Triple Knife arrangement
  • Knives and nozzles are easily removed and replaced
  • Knives can be redressed and reused
  • Assembled/dis-assembled using standard hand tools
  • Field redressable
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Packer mandrel cutting operations
  • Tubular severance

The Pipe Cutter is generally run on a BHA below a motor but can also be run on jointed pipe. Flow down through the tool and out through the nozzles creates a pressure within the tool which acts against the dual piston arrangement. As these pistons move up within the tool, a cam pushes against the knives which pivot about hinge pins. When the cut is completed and flow is stopped, a spring within the tool returns the pistons to their start position.

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