Heavy Duty Disconnect


Heavy Duty Disconnect

The WellEnTech Heavy Duty Disconnect is designed to be as short as possible without compromising on functionality or strength. It enables a tool string to detach at a predetermined point via the deployment of a suitable drop ball through the coiled tubing.


  • Short, robust design
  • High torsional and tensile yield
  • Debris tolerant
  • Fully adjustable release value
  • Burst disc
  • Easy to assemble and redress
  • Fishing operations
  • Milling, cutting and underreaming operations
  • Debris circulation
  • Impact Hammer and Heavy Duty Jarring

The WellEnTech Heavy Duty Disconnect is assembled without the need for any special tools. There are castellation’s in the tool which permit torque transmission. There is a rupture disc (available with a range of rupture pressures) which provides a flow path should a loss of circulation occur. To function the tool a drop ball locates on the release ball seat, applied pressure shears the shear screws, allowing the release piston to move and disconnect the tool. The release piston forces the tool apart without having to apply any axial load. Large flow bypass ports are opened up and circulation is immediately returned to the tool string, providing a surface indication of a positive disconnect. The release piston and drop ball are returned to surface leaving a standard ‘GS’ internal fishing neck for retrieval purposes.

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