Heavy Duty Motorhead Assembly


Heavy Duty Motorhead Assembly

The WellEnTech Heavy Duty Motorhead Assembly is a compact tool string comprising of Double flapper Check Valves, a disconnect, a circ sub and a rupture disc. Designed to be as short as possible without compromising on functionality or strength, it is easy to assemble and redress without the need for specialist tools. The fishing neck is completely isolated from well fluids thus eliminating the potential of debris build up and is also compatible with all standard GS type pulling tools. Torque transmission is made possible by the inclusion of castellations. The WellEnTech Heavy Duty Motorhead Assembly is one of the shortest and strongest tools of its type available on the market.


  • Short, robust design
  • High torsional and tensile yield
  • Debris tolerant
  • Fully adjustable release value
  • Burst disc
  • Easy to assemble and redress
  • Suitable for use on all types of Thru’ Tubing operations
  • Jarring operations
  • Scale Milling and well bore cleanout
  • Impact hammer applications

The main components of the design each serve a unique function. The double flapper check valves permit flow down through the tool but prevent well fluids entering the tubing. Castellations provide torque thru’ capabilities, ideal for milling operations. Should the tool string become stuck in hole, the disconnect is activated with a drop ball and when disconnected a standard internal fishing neck is left looking up for future retrieval attempts. There is a rupture disc designed to re-establish circulation should circulation be lost and a circ sub to open up a larger flow area.


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