Ported Crossover


Ported Crossover

The WellEnTech Ported Crossovers provide a means of connecting wireline tools to a thru’ tubing tool string. They are designed to suit all types of coiled tubing and wireline connections but can also be designed to suit bespoke threads. They are ported which provides a means of circulating while running in and out of hole.


  • Short robust construction
  • No moving parts
  • Multiple flow ports
  • Low maintenance design
  • Numerous connection options
  • Connection of Wireline tools to Coiled Tubing tools

The Ported Crossover is fitted into the desired position within the BHA. It is made up to the tool string with the correct amount of applied torque, as per the threaded connection on the tool. The tool is then run in hole and the ports enable circulation.


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