Jetting Nozzle


Jetting Nozzle

The WellEnTech Jetting Nozzle is a ported sub which is run at the bottom of a tool string. It provides a means of directing high velocity fluid exactly where it is needed. There are numerous port location options available, to enable the user to select the most suitable flow pattern for a specific jetting operation.


  • One piece design
  • Multi-function operation
  • No redress required
  • Standard Jetting operations
  • Clean out runs
  • Debris circulation
  • Nitrogen lifting
  • Spotting operations
  • Well Stimulation operations

The type of Jetting Nozzle is selected at surface to provide the required flow area and jetting orientation of the nozzles e.g. up jetting, side jetting, down jetting or displacement. The Jetting Nozzle is then fitted to the bottom of the tool string and deployed to the required location for jetting to commence.


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