Ported Magnet Sub


Ported Magnet Sub

The WellEnTech Ported Magnet sub is used for fishing small magnetic components from a well bore. The ports permit circulation while running in and out of hole as well as enable circulation of debris away from the target fish.  The magnet is surrounded by nonmagnetic retaining components which assist with deployment, only the end face is exposed directing the magnetic field where it is needed.


  • Short robust construction
  • No moving parts
  • Multiple flow ports
  • Low maintenance design
  • Shrouded magnet design
  • Fishing of ferrous metallic components
  • Debris circulation

The Ported Magnet sub is fitted to the bottom of a BHA. It is made up to the tool string with the correct amount of applied torque, as per the threaded connection on the tool. The tool is then run in hole and the ports enable circulation. Once at depth, the flow rate can be increased to circulate debris away from the fish, allowing it to be collected by the magnet and retrieved to surface.

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