Roll-On Stabbing Guide


Roll-On Stabbing Guide

The WellEnTech Roll-On Stabbing Guide is a cost effective means of providing a tapered end profile to a Coiled Tubing string which can be easily fed through the coiled tubing injector. The robust one piece design is furnished two roll on profiles for attaching to the coil and a milled slot to accommodate the coiled tubing bead, negating the need to ream out the bead before fitting. Available for all sizes of Coiled Tubing and wall thickness sizes.


  • One piece
  • Tapered design
  • Dual Roll On Groove
  • Can be fitted to undressed coil
  • Ideal for Stabbing operations
  • Stabbing and spooling operations

The Roll-On Stabbing Guide is fitted directly to the Coiled Tubing using a crimping tool*. The Coiled Tubing is deformed into the grooves producing an extremely strong and durable connection. The grooves have been designed to reduce any stress raisers produced during the rolling process. The Stabbing Connector has a tapered profile to facilitate the stabbing process. These connectors are not recommended for applications where they may be subjected to torque. To remove the Stabbing Guide is should be cut off of the Coiled Tubing.

* Crimping tools and Pressure/Pull Test Subs are available from WellEnTech


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