Hydraulic External Dimple System


Hydraulic External Dimple System

The WellEnTech Hydraulic External Dimple System provides a means of hydraulically dimpling Coiled Tubing to facilitate the assembly of an External Dimple Connector*. The assembly is a single compact unit which consists of 3 hydraulic cylinders, a slide Hammer and Removal Sub. The Hydraulic External Dimple System is operated using a hand pump. The Hydraulic Dimple System enables the dimpling process to be carried out quickly and safely. One system covers all wall thickness sizes for a single size of Coiled Tubing.


  • Compact design
  • Integral Slide Hammer and Sub
  • Compatible for a range of coil wall thicknesses
  • Easy to maintain and redress
  • For dimpling Coiled Tubing for External Dimple Connectors*
  • Suitable for all grades of Coiled Tubing

* External Dimple Connectors, Pressure Test Subs and Pull Test Subs are all available from Wellentech.


The WellEnTech Hydraulic External Dimple System should be used with a hydraulic hand pump. Having selected a suitable System to suit the Coiled Tubing to be dimpled, it is then fitted to the Coiled Tubing and secured in place with a Socket Set Screws. The application of hydraulic pressure results in the forming of dimples onto the Coiled Tubing. The screws are backed off and the Dimple System rotated 90°.The dimpling process is repeated until all the dimples are formed. A pull test will confirm the Connector has been fitted correctly and a pressure test will verify that a seal has been maintained. The WellEnTech Hydraulic External Dimple System is supplied with a Slide Hammer and Threaded Sub to assist with the fitting and removal of the External Dimple Connector.


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