CT Reamer Assembly


CT Reamer Assembly

The WellEnTech CT Reamer Assembly provides a means of preparing Coiled Tubing prior to assembling either a Roll-on or Dimple-on type Connector. The reamer assembly enables the operator to remove the coiled tubing internal bead and cut a chamfer on the end face to facilitate the fitting and sealing of O-rings within the bore of the tubing.


  • Thru’ bore to accommodate wireline
  • No specialist assembly tools required
  • Interchangeable reamers and coil inserts
  • Compatible for a range of sizes and wall thicknesses
  • Coiled Tubing Preparation
  • Can be used on a range of Coiled Tubing diameters and wall thicknesses
  • Suitable for use with both Roll-on and Dimple-on Connectors

The WellEnTech CT Reamer Assembly is fitted with a suitable Coil Insert (to match the tubing OD) and a Reamer (to suit the tubing ID). The Threaded Sleeve is backed off and the assembly is attached to the Coiled Tubing with a set screw which sits through the Coil Insert. The Reamer Mandrel of the tool can then be rotated using the ergonomically designed handles and the Threaded Sleeve gradually made up until the bead running up the ID of the tubing has been removed. A Bevel Cutter is available for the tool which replaces the Reamer in order to cut an internal chamfer in the end of the tubing.


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