Stabbing Connector


Stabbing Connector

The WellEnTech Stabbing Connector is a cost effective means of providing a connection at the end of a string of Coiled Tubing for ‘Stabbing’ Coiled Tubing. That is, feeding off of a reel, over a goose neck and through the injector. Designed specifically for surface handling operations, it is available for all sizes of Coiled Tubing, including taper strings, and can be supplied with any type of threaded connection, shackle hole or winch wire configuration (illustration shown). It is easy to install, can be quickly removed and reused for future operations.


  • Compact design
  • Dual groove for added security
  • No dressing of the tubing is required.
  • Multiple connection options
  • Quick to install and remove
  • Stabbing and spooling operations

The WellEnTech Stabbing Connector is fitted to Coiled Tubing using a crimping tool*. The Coiled Tubing is deformed into the grooves producing a strong and dependable connection. The grooves have been designed to reduce any stress raisers produced during the rolling process. Having completed the spooling procedure the connector along with the deformed tubing is removed from the tubing string. The Stabbing Connector is quickly removed from the tubing by knocking the core back into the bore allowing the connector fingers to collapse and pull free of the coil.

* Crimping tools are available from WellEnTech

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