Surface Handling Tool


Surface Handling Tool

The WellEnTech Surface Handling Tool provides flexibility when spooling Coiled Tubing onto and off of a reel. It includes three Knuckles as standard which gives a 45°flex. However, being a modular design, it has the added benefit of enabling the operator to include additional knuckles to provide improved flexibility where required. The Knuckles also provide a full 360° rotation and provide a smooth OD transition when knuckled over, ensuring there are no snagging points when running over the gooseneck. They can supplied with industry standard wireline or coiled tubing connections as well as winch wire of shackle sub ends.


  • Short, compact design
  • Modular construction
  • Full 360° rotation
  • 45° axial deflection as standard
  • High Load capabilities
  • Spooling and stabbing operations

The WellEnTech Surface Handling Tool is ideally suited to Coiled Tubing spooling operations and is generally the link between the coil connector and the winch wire. The precision turned spheres provide a smooth, full rotation and are easily added and removed with standard hand tools. It is made up to the tool string like any other cross over or connection.


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