Stabbing Pulley


Stabbing Pulley

The WellEnTech Stabbing Pulley is a device designed to assist when feeding coiled tubing from the reel into an Injector Head or for feeding the tubing back onto the reel. Used in conjunction with a winch, wire and suitable coiled tubing connector, the wire is easily installed via a slot in the side of the main body. Meaning, the Stabbing Pulley can be installed and removed from the riser with the wire still installed and the lightweight design and short thread profile makes manual handling extremely easy and facilitates quick make-up.


  • Reduces manual handling and working at height.
  • Quick make-up time
  • No additional hand tools required
  • Lightweight design
  • Assist with coiled tubing spooling operations

With a suitable Connector* fitted to the end of the coiled tubing, the wire can be fed through the riser and injector and attached to the coiled tubing. The WellEnTech Stabbing Pulley can then be installed at the bottom of the riser. The stabbing Pulley has a slot to allow passage of the wire which is retained by a replaceable brass wear bush in the bore and a ball lock pin secures the wire on the Sheave. With the Sheave aligned with the winch, the coiled tubing can then be fed down into and out of the bottom of the riser.  


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