Pull Test Sub


Pull Test Sub

The WellEnTech Pull Test Subs are designed to enable an operator to pull test and pressure test a Coil Connector when fitted to a Coiled Tubing string. They are used to ensure a Coil Connector is fitted to the Coiled Tubing correctly and can with stand the pressure and tensile loads that the connector is likely to see during an operation. Each Pull Test Sub is designed to fit directly onto the coiled tubing connector and the NPT test port is recessed to protect the NPT threads. The Pull Test Sub can also be used to knock a connector onto or inside a piece of Coiled Tubing should the connector prove difficult to fit. Available in two designs; integral and two piece. The 2 piece design having the added advantage of having a removable Pull Plate for ease of handling when using the Main Body for purely pressure test applications or as a knock on sub.


  • Robust Construction
  • A range of threaded connections available
  • Multi-function operation
  • Removable Pull Plate (2 piece design)
  • No redress required
  • Pull Testing Coiled Tubing Connectors
  • Pressure testing
  • Fitting a Coiled Tubing Connector

The WellEnTech Pull Test Subs are made up to coiled tubing connectors which are installed onto a coiled tubing string. The Coiled Tubing is then slowly fed back onto the coiled tubing real until the Pull Test Sub flange contacts the bottom of the Riser. At which point a predetermined load is applied to the connector to ensure it is fitted correctly. The connector can then be pressure tested filling the Coiled Tubing with fluid or against check valves in the BHA by attaching a pump to the NPT port in the Pull Test Sub.


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