Hydraulic C-Plate


Hydraulic C-Plate

The WellEnTech Hydraulic C-Plate is designed to assist with tool string manipulation and reduce manual handling. It provides a means of supporting a tool string and enables slow controlled movement when stabbing a connection or assembling a QIKTech™. It is operated using a hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the Top Plate without the need to move the coiled tubing string.


  • Compact lightweight design
  • 2 tonne safe working load
  • Compatible for use with tools up to 3-1/8”OD
  • Easy to maintain and redress.
  • Interchangeable Top and Base Plates
  • Supporting and manipulation of BHA
  • Assisting with connection make-up
  • QIKTech™ Stabbing and make-up

The WellEnTech Hydraulic C-Plate is placed in the desired location. The Hydraulic Hand Pump and hose are then connected to the Female Coupler on the hydraulic C-Plate. With a suitable Tool Clamp fitted to the Lower half of the tool String, the BHA can be hung off from the top plate. Slowly apply pressure to raise the top plate to raise the lower half of the tool string closer to the upper half of the tool String enabling both halves of the BHA to be made up as per operational procedures. To remove, simply bleed off the hydraulic pressure to allow Hydraulic C-Plate to retract.


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