The WellEnTech SafeTorqCT™ is a device for the make-up and break-out of threaded connections. The design permits torque to be applied while the operator can remain at a safe distance during force transmission. The SafeTorqCT™ comes complete with a Hydraulic Hand Pump and Bi-directional Hydraulic Cylinder. The heat-treated Dies are designed for longevity and are easy to replace. The design enables thread make-up / break-out of vertical and horizontal tool strings making it ideal for both workshop and rig site locations. The SafeTorqCT™ is supplied with hoses and suspension sling all contained within a hard-wearing transportation case, to provide a fully “out of the box” solution for all torqueing requirements.


  • Enables safe make up and break out of connections
  • Light weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Bi-directional Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Hand Pump operated; no other power source required.
  • Easy to change replaceable dies.
  • Adjustable to suit a range of diameters.
  • Make-up/Break-out of Tool Joints
  • Make-up/Break-out of service connections

The WellEnTech SafeTorqCT™ consists of two separate clamping components connected via a Bi-directional Hydraulic Cylinder. The clamps are opened and attached to either side of a connection. The clamps are then tightened, and the hoses fitted to the Hydraulic Cylinder. The application of hydraulic pressure produces a torque which can be used to make-up or break a connection under fully monitored and safe conditions.  


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