Slip Type Ball/Pig Catcher


Slip Type Ball/Pig Catcher

The WellEnTech Slip Type Ball/Pig Catcher is a tool which is attached directly to the end of the coiled tubing during pigging (cleaning the coiled tubing string). As well as the slip type connector at one end, it has a WECO connection at the other so it can be connected to flow lines to facilitate the contained circulation of the pigging fluid. An elongated catch chamber and ported ID ensure the pig or ball is safely held within the chamber with sufficient flow by-pass to prevent pressure build up.


  • Short, compact design
  • Large catch chamber
  • Ported bottom sub
  • Rupture disk, bleed screw optional
  • Easily redressed
  • Pigging Operations

The WellEnTech Slip Type Ball/Pig Catcher is fitted to the end of a coiled tubing string. The assembly is pushed onto the end of the coiled tubing, The Top Sub is held stationary and the Catcher Sub of the tool is rotated to enable the Slip to bite into the coiled tubing. Screws provide added security. The connection on the end of the Ball/Pig Catcher is them made up to a hose connector to a tank and the pigging operation can begin. The Ball or Pig is then introduced at the other end of the coil at the reel and the pigging operation can begin. Pressure throughout the pigging operation will remain relatively constant though out the operation and a sudden pressure drop will be witnessed when the Ball or Pig lands out in the Catcher Sub. The design can incorporate a rupture disc and a bleed screw to release any trapped pressure.


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