Boot Basket


Boot Basket

The WellEnTech Boot Basket is designed to remove debris too heavy to be circulated out of the well bore. The robust welded construction ensures the tool strength is optimised. They are manufactured from high-strength heat treated alloy steel, Heavy-duty ribs are attached to the cup to prevent it from being crushed and to guide the tool through tight spots while tripping in and out of the hole. These ribs are integral to the main body of the tool, further enhancing its strength.


  • Robust Design
  • Welded construction
  • High Quality Alloy Steel
  • Large Debris Catch Capacity
  • No elastomers or moving parts
  • Packer/Plug Milling
  • Underreaming
  • Scale Milling

The WellEnTech Boot Basket is generally run immediately above a drill bit or mill, but can be positioned anywhere as part of a drill string in order to catch debris. The Boot Basket traps junk by suddenly decreasing annular velocity. This decrease occurs after flow passes the larger OD of the boot to reach the smaller OD of the body and top connection, at which point the heavier milled debris drops down into the catcher. The Boot basket can be run in either open hole or inside casing. To capture larger quantities of debris, additional Boot baskets can be deployed as part of the drilling string or Boot Baskets with extended length catchers are also available.

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