Downhole Filter Sub


Downhole Filter Sub

The WellEnTech Downhole Filter Sub is designed to filter debris from pumped fluids. One or more can be installed in various locations within a drill string or completion. In order to maximise the flow area, the filter is installed within a specially designed housing with an increased bore and a bored back box connection looking up. The filters can be removed, cleaned or replaced after each operation. They are manufactured from Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion and to prolong the service life of the filter. Large ports are included as standard at the top of the filter so that should it become full of debris, circulation past the filter can still take place without the need to stop operations. Various filter size options are available to suit all operational requirements.


  • Compact, robust design
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Designs to suit all Drill String sizes
  • Stainless Steel filter construction
  • API tool joint connections as standard
  • Any fluid pumping operations

The Filter is inserted into the Downhole Filter Housing without the need for any specialised installation tools and is secured in place when the upper connection is made up. The elongated filter design maximises the amount of debris which can be collected. To swap out the filter or remove it, the connection is simply broken out and the filter pulled out of the Filter Housing.

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