Check Valve Sub


Check Valve Sub

The WellEnTech Check Valve Sub contains two check valves which provide a pressure tight barrier between the well fluids and the tubing. The check valves are orientated in such a way as to permit flow down through the tubing but not allow the well fluids to enter back up into the tubing.


  • Robust two piece housing
  • Dual seal barrier
  • Replaceable flapper Check Valves*
  • Easily redressed

* Tool supplied with two check valves, additional check valves available separately.

  • Any Thru’ Tubing operation where a dual pressure barrier is required
  • Standard Jetting operations
  • Clean out runs
  • Milling operations

The Check Valve Sub consists of a simple two piece housing containing two flapper check valves. Both check valves are orientated as that fluid is permitted in one direction but not the other. Each flapper check valve creates a pressure tight barrier in one direction, preventing well fluids from entering the tubing.


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