Crimper Tool


Crimper Tool

The WellEnTech Crimper Tool is primarily designed to crimp coiled tubing onto Roll-On Connectors (Refer to Data Sheet DS-070). The design ensures secure pipe guidance by means of broad support rollers and the spring pressure system improves the roll-on wheel service life. The roller carriage is also designed to eliminate jamming when adjusting the roll-on wheel depth. The roll-on wheel can be changed out quickly and easily by means of a ball lock pin. Cutter wheels are also available for tubing cutting requirements.


  • Forged Steel Body
  • Spring Pressure System
  • Broad Support Rollers
  • Roll-on and Cutter wheels available
  • Quick and easy wheel change out
  • Compatible for a range of Tubing diameters
  • Roll-on of Coiled Tubing to Roll-On Connector.
  • Suitable for all grades of coiled tubing.
  • Cutting of Coiled Tubing

Having dressed the Coiled Tubing with the WellEnTech CT Reamer Assembly (Ref Data Sheet DS-590). The Roll-On Connector is placed beside the section of Coiled Tubing it is to be fitted to and the position of the roll-on grooves are marked onto the tubing. The Connector is then inserted into the Coiled Tubing and the Crimper Tool is fitted and aligned with the marks on the tubing. The Crimper Tool Handle is rotated to clamp it onto the tubing. The whole Crimper tool is rotated and the handle is further tightened. This process is repeated until the roll-on groove is formed in each of the three locations.


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