3t Tubing Clamp


3t Tubing Clamp

The WellEnTech 3tTubing Clamp is a device for fitting to Coiled Tubing in order to secure the tubing during pulling or to assist while the Coiled Tubing is being fed on or off of the reel. A range of slips are available to suit various tubing diameters and are easily swapped out without the need to disassemble the Tubing Clamp. The taper slip bore, ensures the clamp bites as load is increased.


  • Compact design
  • Interchangeable Slips
  • Standard hex head sizes
  • Compatible for a range of Tubing diameters
  • Coiled Tubing surface manipulation
  • Suitable for all grades of coiled tubing

The WellEnTech Tubing Clamp consists of two halves which are connected by a hinge. The Clamp Nut is backed off allowing the Clamp Pin to swing open. The Clamp Body can then be opened, enabling access to the slips which can be swapped out for a range of different sizes. The slips are held in place with 4 screws. Having selected the correct Slip size to suit the tubing and the Slips secured in Place, the Tubing Clamp can be fitted to the tubing. Both halves are then brought together around the tubing and secured in place by tightening the Clamp Nut.

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