Deployment Bar


Deployment Bar

The WellEnTech Deployment Bar is used to deploy long bottom hole assemblies in a well. The Deployment Bar OD will match the coiled tubing OD to enable it to be held in the BOP rams while sections of the BHA are added or removed.  Can be used in any Coiled Tubing application where a BHA cannot be accommodated inside a single section of riser.


  • One piece
  • Various lengths available
  • Through bore
  • Tool joint or service connections
  • Diameter to match CT OD
  • Multiple BHA section deployment
  • Fishing operations
  • Milling operations
  • Jetting operations

The Deployment Bar has no moving parts and consists of a connection at either end of a hollow bar. The reduced OD section of the Deployment Bar should match the Coiled Tubing OD so that it can be held in the BOP Rams/Slips. Other than the correct make–up torque of the connections there is no other operational data.


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