Die Collar


Die Collar

The WellEnTech die collar is a retrieval tool primarily for the retrieval of a whipstock, but can also be employed to retrieve slick OD tubulars or fish from a well bore. It is designed with a cut lip guide, designed to lift the whip face or fish off of the casing or tubing wall.


  • One piece design
  • Hardened internal wicker profile
  • Robust construction
  • Retrieval of whipstock
  • Retrieval of a slick OD fish

A typical bottom hole assembly for retrieval may consist of the Die Collar, full gauge stabilizer, bumper sub, fishing jar, full gauge stabilizer, crossover, heavyweight drill pipe, and drill pipe. A safety joint and accelerator can also be used in some assemblies. The die collar is run to depth and slowly rotated and run in hole until a significant amount of torque is witnessed. The BHA is then picked up and an over pull confirms engagement, the pull is increased until the applied load is greater than the whip hinge pin shear load enabling the retrieval of the whipstock or fish to surface to surface.

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