Hydro-set Permanent Packer


Hydro-set Permanent Packer

The WellEnTech Hydro-set Permanent Packer is an anchoring and sealing device designed to suit a range of tubing and casing sizes. The packer design includes an integral setting mechanism which negates the need for any additional running and setting tools. The packer is set with the application of tubing pressure.

The WellEnTech Hydro-set Permanent Packer is ideally suited to whipstock operations where the ability to withstand high axial and torsional loads is required. The slips are designed to spread the setting load evenly across the casing or tubing ID and are hardened to ensure the teeth bite and hold the packer firmly within the casing when subjected to axial and rotational loads. It is also designed to withstand vibrations induced as a result of milling, such as that experienced during window milling operations.

The Element includes anti extrusion rings designed to keep the set element contained ensuring maximum elastomer contact with the casing. All components within the tool are rotationally locked to aid milling the packer should it need to be removed from the casing bore. The setting load can be adjusted to suit specific operational requirements.


  • Hydraulically set via tubing pressure
  • No additional running or setting tools required.
  • Capable of tolerating High Axial Loads
  • Rotationally locked design
  • Slips are positioned at the top of the tool to aid with removal by milling or washing over
  • Slip design ensures even stress distribution exerted on the casing or tubing
  • Integral Hydraulic setting mechanism
  • A range of connections can be cut into top sub
Optional Features
  • Top sub can be replaced with Whipstock Hinge connector, eliminating a connection.
  • High temperature and hostile service elements available
  • Alternative slip designs available for specific operations

The Filter is inserted into the Downhole Filter Housing without the need for any specialised installation tools and is secured in place when the upper connection is made up. The elongated filter design maximises the amount of debris which can be collected. To swap out the filter or remove it, the connection is simply broken out and the filter pulled out of the Filter Housing.

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