Section Mill


Section Mill

The WellEnTech Section Mill is designed to mill sections of casing for ; Sidetracking, gravel packing, and/or perforation zones. The Section Mills are available in a variety of OD sizes. The tungsten carbide blades are designed so that all blades will mill simultaneously. The interchangeable Stabiliser Sleeve can be swapped out to suit specific casing weights.


  • Robust construction
  • Tungsten Carbide Insert dressed blades
  • Interchangeable stabilizer sleeve
  • Flotel device Easily redressed
  • Casing milling
  • Perforation zones
  • Scale/Cement removal
  • Pipe Cutting

The WellEnTech Section Mill is operated by flow through the tool. At a predetermined flow rate, a piston moves down within the tool which pushes all of the section milling blades out of the body. The Section Mill is rotated via a top drive or a down hole motor and the tungsten carbide dressed blades can then mill the target casing. The tool can be supplied with a flotel device which signals the driller than the arms are all fully open. On completion of the milling operation, flow is stopped and the piston will retract by means of a powerful spring allowing the blades to return within the main body of the tool.

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