The WellEnTech BrushTech™ is a non-rotating compact tool that features rows of vigorous brush pads which scours cement, scale and rust from the casing wall including corrosion pits and coupling recesses. It is designed with large bypass channels that allows unhindered circulation rates during displacements to remove debris, and with the pads’ strategically overlap position provides 360-degree reach ensuring 100% coverage of the casing wall.

The BrushTech™ compliments the aggressive ScrapeTech™ scraper and can be run in tandem or individually, with its robust construction allowing high-speed rotation and reciprocation in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells without wearing the casing or damaging the tool.


  • Beveled blocks and centralizers prevent hang-ups while running
  • Stainless steel wire brushes prevent CRA casing damage.
  • Large internal bore and external flow path allow high rate circulation for maximum wellbore cleaning.
  • Wellbore clean-up and displacements
  • Drilling Cement inside the casing
  • Workover/ Intervention

The WellEnTech BrushTech™ consists of a 2-piece mandrel with no external bolts, rings, etc. that can be left in the hole. The internal connection is designed to exceed the strength of the rig end connection and comes pre-torqued. The tool is made up to the drill string and cleans the casing while running in the hole. Once at the critical depths, the tool is rotated and reciprocated to vigorously scrub the casing wall. Cement can be drilled inside the casing. The well can be displaced if necessary, before pulling out of hole.

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