The WellEnTech ScrapeTech™ is a sub which is used for cleaning a casing or tubing bore, it is designed for dislodging and removal of debris which has accumulated on the casing or tubing wall. The robust design provides 360° coverage, with flow channels to facilitate the circulation of debris. The spring loaded blades ensure that they remain in contact with the casing wall at all times and the blade edges are hardened to prolong tool life.


  • One piece body design
  • Spring loaded, hardened scraper blades
  • 360° blade coverage
  • Flow channels for debris circulation
  • Easy to redress and replace blades
  • Well Bore clean out
  • Debris circulation
  • Packer/ Plug setting operations

The WellEnTech ScrapeTech™ is run in hole as part of a BHA to assist with the removal of debris. The scraper blades cover a range and weight of casing/ tubing and are easily interchanged to suit a specific well bore. The sub can be made up anywhere within the BHA and requires no flow or mechanical manipulation to operate the tool. When the BHA is at the target area to be cleaned, it is recommended to work the tubing string up and down to dislodge any debris. Circulation of fluid through a jetting or ported sub will lift debris to surface.


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