The WellEnTech JetTech™ is a simple circulation and jetting device which can be opened by dart action to allow jetting of BOP Stacks and Wellheads or other critical areas of the wellbore. The tools flexible design allows series of configuration depending on the operational requirements by use of the Inner sleeve and Activation Dart.

The JetTech™ can be run in two operational modes: First mode, with the ports open, it is possible to install the Activation Dart to ensure 100% of the fluid exits through the port. Second mode, with the ports closed, the Activation Dart can be pumped down to shear the Inner Sleeve and open the ports. The external diameter of the JetTech™ can be configured to customer specification with flush outer diameter, or enlarged to 8”, 10” or 16”. Each port has a Jetting Nozzle to concentrate the jetting action and prevent wash-out of the ports. These are simple to replace when so desired.


  • Multiple jetting nozzles
  • Configurable in two operational modes
  • Wellbore clean-up and displacements
  • Jetting BOP stacks and wellheads
  • Workover/ Intervention

The WellEnTech JetTech™ is typically run to the BOP stack and can be activated by Activation Dart or run in the open position. To open using the Activation Dart, drop the dart into the string and pump down in a controlled manner. Once the dart lands on the Inner Sleeve, slowly increase pressure until the shear is seen.

Commence jetting at 10 BPM across the stack and wellhead. Reduce to 5 BPM across the annular rams. Function the pipe rams and variable rams to help dislodge debris. Rotate slowly which reciprocating slowly across 1 stand 3 passes


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