Packer Picker – Slick Bore


Packer Picker – Slick Bore

TheWellEnTechPacker Picker is designed to be used in conjunction with a wash over shoe or bladed style of packing milling device. This Packer Picker is designed for use in a slick bore with a grapple which is free to rotate on the mandrel. This allows the grapple to remain stationary within the packer bore during the milling operation. There is an emergency shear release mechanism enabling the packer picker to be released from the packer bore should the Packer fail to release after milling.


  • Non-rotating Grapple
  • Fully retained Shear Ring
  • Wide range of interchangeable grapples
  • Adjustable Shear Release
  • Easily redressed
  • Retrieval of Drillable Production Packers

The WellEnTech Packer Picker is run down into the Packer bore until the Bladed Mill or Overshot tags the top of the Packer. The Packer Picker is supplied with a dressedMill Sub to clear any bore obstructions when running into the Packer bore. Once in position, milling of the Packer can commence. During milling the Grapple moves down within the Packer bore but does not rotate. Once the desired amount has been milled, the drill string can be picked up, enabling the Packer to be retrieved. If however the Packer fails to release, the Packer Picker can be released by applying a predetermined over pull, shearing the Shear Ring and allowing the latch to collapse and pull up through the Packer bore.

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