Down Hole Filter Sub


Down Hole Filter Sub

The WellEnTech Downhole Filter Sub provides a means of filtering fluid within a Bottom Hole Assembly. It prevents any foreign objects, debris or scale from interfering with critical components within a tool string. Particularly useful for the preservation of motors, jetting tools, ESP’s, Setting Tools etc. The stainless steel Filter is designed to be reused and is easy to install and remove.  A variety of filter sizes are available to filter any size of debris. Various lengths can also be supplied to suit operational requirements.


  • Robust two piece housing
  • Various filter size options
  • Choice of tool lengths available
  • Replaceable Filter Inserts*
  • Easily redressed

* Tool supplied with one filter fitted, additional filters available separately.

  • Any operation where filtration of fluid is required

The WellEnTech Down Hole Filter Sub can be inserted anywhere within a tool string in order to filter pumped fluids downstream of the Sub. The tool is made up to the BHA in the same way as any other tool. The elongated filter design maximises the amount of debris which can be collected, shorted versions are available for operations where there are height restrictions and BHA lengths have to be kept to a minimum. To swap out the filter or remove it, the top sub is simply removed and the filter pulled out. The filter can be flushed through, reused and re-assembled for future operations.

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