DrillTech™ PDM


DrillTech™ PDM

WellEnTech DrillTech™ PDM’s (Positive Displacement Motors) are designed with the primary focus on reliability and simplicity in design. This results in an extremely tough and versatile PDM, which offers the performance necessary for a variety of drilling applications. It also makes the DrillTech™ PDM one of the easiest to build, maintain and repair. All motor components are engineered with detail in mind and manufactured to exacting standards with only the highest quality materials. DrillTech™ PDM’s are available in sizes ranging from 1 11/16” to 3-1/2” diameters. DrillTech™ PDM’s are lubricated with the pumped fluid which means that a portion of the drilling fluid flows through the bearing stack to cool and lubricate the bearings. A “sleeve on sleeve” upper radial bearing provides support and controls the flow of fluid through the bearing stack.

The DrillTech™ PDM bearing pack features multiple tiers of super hardened thrust bearing races. This along with rock bit ball bearings, provide the endurance necessary for long grueling motor runs. A lower mandrel catch is standard in all motor sizes. This catch prevents the bit from being lost in the hole, in the event of a mandrel shaft failure. The DrillTech™ PDM uses a patented transmission coupling, which is the industry standard for flexible torque transmission in downhole motors. It has a long history of downhole use and has proven itself to be reliable and economical.

Our high performance power sections are designed to not only meet, but exceed your requirements. The elastomers are selected for stability and resistance to swell in the most common drilling fluids.



  • Pumped Fluid Lubricated Bearing Pack
  • High Strength Forged Alloy Steel Output Shaft
  • Through hardened thrust bearing races
  • Carbide clad upper and lower radial bearings
  • Super Strong jaw clutch drive couplings
  • Field Proven power Sections
  • Crossover sub (top sub)
Optional features
  • Float Bored top subs
  • Flex shaft drive coupling for straight motor applications
  • Rotor catch
  • Flow bypass rotor nozzle

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