External Dimple Connector


External Dimple Connector

The WellEnTech External Dimple Connector provides a cost effective means of connecting a tool string to Coiled Tubing. The tool is supplied with Socket Set Screws which fit into preformed dimples on the Coiled Tubing. The dimples are formed using a specialised External Dimpling Jig Assembly, also available from WellEnTech.


  • One piece
  • Compact design
  • Dual seal
  • Torque compatible
  • Multi-function operation
  • Maximised through bore suitable for drop balls
  • Tool joint or service connection
  • Standard fishing operations
  • Heavy duty fishing operations
  • Drilling and milling operations
  • Jetting operations
  • Stabbing and spooling

The External Dimple Connector is fitted to dressed Coiled Tubing using an External Dimpling Jig Assembly*. The Coiled Tubing is deformed into the dimples producing an extremely strong and durable connection. The dimples facilitate both axial and rotational loading, there are also two O-rings, one primary and the other a back up, giving peace of mind for high pressure applications. The Connector when fitted to the Coiled Tubing should be pull and pressure tested using a Pull Test Sub* to ensure it has been fitted correctly prior to running in hole. These  Connectors are particularly suitable for milling operations.

* External Dimpling Jig Assemblies and Pressure/Pull Test Subs are available from WellEnTech


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