FOX™ Valve


FOX™ Valve

The WellEnTech FOX™ Valve is a Flow Operated Circulating Sub which enables the operator to change flow from annular flow to tubing flow and vice versa without the need to drop balls or darts. It is a multicycle tool which can be used for numerous downhole applications where switching flow through the tool to annulus is required. The High Flow version enables high flow to either the annulus or tubing without causing the tool to switch. This feature is particularly useful for circulating debris or cuttings up the annulus. The FOX Valve activation flow rate can be adjusted to suit operational requirements, and when in the ‘open to tubing’ mode, the drill string or CT string can hold static pressure, enabling the tubing to be pressure tested or the application of pressure can be used to set a hydroset Plug or Packer.


  • Flow activated design. No need for drop balls
  • Adjustable operating pressure
  • Multicycle operation
  • Low maintenance design
  • Numerous tool configurations and lengths possible
  • Easily redressed
  • CT Milling operations
  • Circulation of solids
  • Whipstock operations
  • Bridge Plug deployment and setting
  • Drill Stem Testing
  • Acidising and Injection operations

The WellEnTech FOX™ Valve is run as part of a Drill String or Coiled Tubing BHA. Depending on the particular operation, the valve can be deployed either open to annulus or open to tubing. The valve remains in the chosen mode until flow is increased and then choked back or stopped. At which point, the valve will switch to the next position. To adjust the activation pressure, the nozzle can be swapped out for a different sized orifice.


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