Pump-Out Check Valve Sub


Pump-Out Check Valve Sub

The WellEnTech Pump-Out Check Valve Sub is a device designed to be placed at the end of a tubing string to provide a means of isolating the tubing bore from well fluids until the Pump-Out Sub is activated. The design is particularly suited to velocity strings where the production conduit is coiled tubing. The activation pressure is fully adjustable and the tool is designed so that only the application of tubing pressure will activate the tool. A ball seat within the tool has a stinger which holds open double flapper check valves. These check valves can be activated when required by simply dropping a ball, providing a well barrier when removing the string from the well.  The Pump-Out Check Valve Sub can be attached directly to jointed pipe or to coiled tubing via a suitable connector. It can also be supplied with or without a catcher depending on operational requirements.


  • Compact design
  • Dual barrier design
  • Multi-function operation
  • Maximised through bore
  • Connection to suit tool joint or coil connector
  • Velocity Strings
  • Injection operations
  • Well Kill or Stimulation applications

Prior to running in hole, the WellEnTech Pump-Out Check Valve Sub is dressed with the required amount of shear screws. The Sub can then be fitted to the tubing and run in hole to the required depth. A predetermined pressure is then applied to the tubing string, resulting in the Pump Out Plug shearing and dropping into the well bore or catcher, permitting well fluid to circulate up though the tubing in the case of a velocity string application. To activate the check valves, a ball is dropped which shears the stinger which moves out from the check valve bore allowing the Check Valves to close, providing a well barrier for retrieval purposes.


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