Back Pressure Valve


Back Pressure Valve

The WellEnTech Back Pressure Valve maintains a column of fluid within a tubing string for operations where there is little or no well pressure. That is, applications where the Hydrostatic pressure within the tubing needs to be higher than the pressure in the annulus. Unlike similar type tools on the market, the WellEnTech Back Pressure Valve can be adjusted to the required pressure setting without the need to strip the tool.


  • Short, compact design
  • Externally adjustable
  • Large pressure activation range
  • Hardened seat and poppet to prolong tool life
  • Easily redressed
  • Low well pressure operations
  • Gas well applications
  • Underbalance drilling

The Back Pressure Valve is assembled to a tool string where a column of hydrostatic fluid needs to be maintained within the tubing string. Rotation of the Setting Sleeve adjusts the load produced by the spring stack, thereby changing the required pressure to move the Poppet off of the Poppet Seat. The required setting pressure can be viewed through the milled window in the valve body. Once set, set screws lock the Setting Sleeve in position. At this point any pressure in excess of the set pressure will be vented through the tool bore to the tubing or tool string below. Continued pumping over and above the set pressure permits flow down through the tool until the pumps are stopped and the pressure drops below the set pressure. The tool then resets and is ready to be functioned again any number of times.


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